Our Mission

Latin America Solidarity Network (LASNET)
In Australia, LASNET aims to raise awareness of the struggles and resistances of Latin American grass-root organisations, "from the bottom up and to the left", and works to support these initiatives through local and national activism. We also aim to use the Latin American example as a way of providing hope to those of us struggling in Australia against greed and increasing authoritarianism. Building solidarity with peoples in Struggle in Latin America, Australia & Asia Pacific. We believe in a society without patriarchy, authoritarianism and violence...and without neo-liberal capitalism.
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The other September 11

Viva Allende

Remembering the Other September 11
Sunday September 11, 4:30pm to 8pm

September 11 1973, Chilean popular democratic government overthrown by a violent military coup leaded by the Chilean Army and backed by CIA and US Nixon Administration..many Chileans were killed, tortured, taken prisoners and sent to exile.

Speakers, Music and
Movie presentation called the Black Pimpernel

Our Tribute to Salvador Allende an all those who fallen on struggle in order that others live...The struggles continue

Free Entry, all welcome