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Latin America Solidarity Network (LASNET)
In Australia, LASNET aims to raise awareness of the struggles and resistances of Latin American grass-root organisations, "from the bottom up and to the left", and works to support these initiatives through local and national activism. We also aim to use the Latin American example as a way of providing hope to those of us struggling in Australia against greed and increasing authoritarianism. Building solidarity with peoples in Struggle in Latin America, Australia & Asia Pacific. We believe in a society without patriarchy, authoritarianism and violence...and without neo-liberal capitalism.
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Letters Campaign for the safe return of Colombian Trade unionist

Dear All,

Quick letters campaign for the safe return home of Colombian trade unionist Edwin Mejia.
Please find enclosed two files in the links below.

Letter to Colombia
Addresses to Colombia

One is a draft letter expressing concern for the situation of Edwin Mejia, a Colombian Trade Unionist from SINALTRAINAL (Food Industry Workers Union) currently visiting Australia who has recently received death threats for his work in defending working rights in his country .

These threats were received on the 5th and 20th of November while he was traveling to Australia to attend the Latin American Grassroots Movements Solidarity Conference and during his visits that end tomorrow. He is returning to Colombia tomorrow at 7pm Melbourne time (arriving Colombia Thursday midday). We are worried for his safety on returning, so any letter, email, fax or whatever form of message sent to the Colombian government, Nestle Company, embassy or consulate will help Edwin’s safety (relevant addresses enclosed in second file).

The second file contains a list of addresses where the draft letter needs to be sent.

We hope that you, your union, your organisation is able to help in supporting the trade union movement in Colombia.

Many, many thanks for the support and attention given to Edwin Mejia when we met you and your organisation, and on your interest in his visit

In solidarity
Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET)