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Latin America Solidarity Network (LASNET)
In Australia, LASNET aims to raise awareness of the struggles and resistances of Latin American grass-root organisations, "from the bottom up and to the left", and works to support these initiatives through local and national activism. We also aim to use the Latin American example as a way of providing hope to those of us struggling in Australia against greed and increasing authoritarianism. Building solidarity with peoples in Struggle in Latin America, Australia & Asia Pacific. We believe in a society without patriarchy, authoritarianism and violence...and without neo-liberal capitalism.
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Protest Letter to Chilean Government

Australia, April 30, 2012.

Mr. Sebastian Piñera
President of the Republic of Chile

The organisations and individuals that subscribe to this letter, in coordination, in support and on behalf of CONFECH, ACES and CONES that are supporting the Chilean students’ demands, express to the Chilean government the following:

1) Our total support to the demands presented during the 2011 mobilisation for a free, democratic, multicultural education in the service of the Chilean people.

2) Our rejection to the authoritarian (dictatorial) measures of enrolment cancelation, which principals from different schools had taken against many of the students that participated during protests and mobilisations in 2011.

3) Our rejection to all those university authorities and academics that have created difficulties against students that were active in the 2011 mobilisations, blocking them from taking subjects and in some cases cancelling their enrolment.

4) Our total rejection to the new law proposed by current government, “PUBLIC ORDER PROTECTION” the so called Hinzpeter Law in relation to the interior minister who is pursuing this law.

5) Our concern for the violence exercise against students during April 25th mobilisations in Chile, from here we support the students mobilisations and their demands. We demand for the government to show respect for human right to those students arrested.

Taken the above in consideration, we demand from the Chilean government:

a) In relation to point 1; we fundamentally believe that the Chilean government stop its intransigent attitude and take the responsibility to establish an education system supported and guaranteed by the state with direct fund to institutions and not just through scholarships and credits. The government must eliminate all legislation that blocks democratic participation in education institutions.

b) In relation to point 2 and 3, we request from the government to take an active role in the solution on this issues. To take into consideration and as reference the constitutional right to education and to the 2011 government act which established that will be no sanctions against active students in protests.

c) In relation to point 4, to express our total rejection to this law, which is like a joke that prohibits the rights to social protest and is resembles authoritarians action like the past dictatorship.

Finally we hope that the issues expressed in this letter have the attention of Chilean authorities and to reply to chilesolidarity@hotmail.com.

Thank you,

Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET)
Chile Solidarity Melbourne
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